Monday, 14 April 2014

Coachella Fever

Ahh to be in Coachella music festival. If only! From supermodels to music lovers, we see some hot looking outfits hitting the grass at the first weekend of the festival. Mini hot pants are a must...

All legs for Alessandra Ambrosio

Beyonce is all tropical as she surprised her sister Solange on stage

One of my fav LA bloggers Aimee Song 

Valentino Kimono CHECK 

Cara, Poppy and Sienna blonde combo

Kate Bosworth is cut-out for coachella

free spirited Diane Argon

Emily Rossum looking hippie happy

Dj Harley Viera Newton is also rocking tropical prints

Actress Jamie Chung sporting hot pink

Stay tuned for some more looks...

images sourced via mirrorwhowhatwearharpersbazaar

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