Thursday, 27 March 2014

Would You Wear Birkenstocks?

When you hear the word Birkenstock 'ugly' comes to mind. Well that's all changing this season, as it's one of the key trends and we better get used to it. It seems designers, models, and anybody on the streets is wearing the look. Thankfully only a few people have been spotted wearing it with socks, don't they realise its just plain UGLY. Some designers have made the sandal somewhat wearable, but I doubt you'll see me in one of them. No matter how comfy they look, no wonder men hate fashion! 


Givenchy, Celine, Marc Jacobs

Isabel Marant

Streetstyle birkenstock looks

Biggest No!No! in fashion

The Olsens are a huge fan of the sandal...

This zara piece is o-kay

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