Friday, 21 February 2014

Moschino Fast Food Fashion Milan FW Fall 2014

Jeremy Scott's first season at Moschino proved to be an eye catching show, bringing fast food to getto fabulous. Known to mix culture with fashion, Scott took inspiration from multi-national fast food chain McDonalds, and put it on the runway, using the iconic red and yellow colour in 'Chanel' looking suits, with happy meal purses. Jaw dropping and drooling! 
Then we saw a swift change and it went from food to bling, with the 90s gold Moschino belts, leather and denim skirts, dresses and pants. Then back to junk food with gorgeous gowns designed in chocolate and crips wrappers. Either Scott was very hungry creating this collection, or really wanted to amuse the audience sending down skinny models in junk food. Absolutely loved it!


images sourced via style

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