Thursday, 24 October 2013

Dream Wedding Gowns From Esposa

Let's face it, in a wedding it's all about the bride, so forget the groom, the guests and anyone else, focus is on the wedding DRESS! 
Choosing the 'perfect' gown, for your special day is probably the hardest decision to make. 
As a little girl we all imagine looking like a princess, in a big gown with a long tail. But all that changes once we get older, instead of a heart shaped puffy dress, some of us want a simple slim-fit with a fishtail . 

Picking the right dress is based on what suits you most, depending on your body shape, for instance the shorter you are the less likely you would pick a princess cut, as it shortens you from the waist down. Long bodice is recommended as it compliments and defines your upper body. 
For women who are taller a princess cut lengthens and hugs you in the right places . A slim-fit fishtail looks best on petite bodies.  Heavy details can be tricky, too much can be a tad tacky. Pick a dress that doesn't drown you, remember the day is also about you, so don't be fooled by too much fabric, it may look good on display but not in wedding pictures.

Brand La Sposa - Princess Cut suitable for breasted women with height

Brand La Sposa- Heart shaped bodice works well with small breasted women, wrapping a belt can emphasize on the waist

Brand Rosa Clara - Heavy organza bottom and ruffled bodice lovely for a day wedding

Brand Savina Deluca - Lace - a victorian approach to a romantic wedding, suitable for a taller person

Brand Monique Lhuillier - Fishtail, off the shoulder and lace a gorgeous approach to petite body

Brand Oscar de la Renta - 3D effect a heavy detailed gown that stands out in a crowd and suits all figures

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